Practice Areas

Information Privacy /Cybersecurity

Examples of information privacy/cybersecurity services:

• Structure, review and negotiate trans-Atlantic data transfer agreements, business associate agreements and third party vendor agreements including: customer service providers, credit card processors, digital marketers, cloud hosting and agreements with other data processors

• Create and update internal governance policies and procedures, and external consumer-facing privacy statements and terms of use 

•  Train employees on privacy laws and corporate policies

• Advise and counsel on data retention policies, data classification schemes, privacy impact assessments, information security programs

Intellectual Property / General Corporate Transactions

Examples of  intellectual property services:

• Craft and negotiate complex intellectual property licenses including: technology, synchronization, mechanical, streaming, name-image and likeness, videogame usage and trademark

• Structure and review agreements for use of copyrighted works across territories and platforms including: application development, agency, digital and physical distribution, production, recording, non-disclosure, composer, work-for-hire

• Other transactional work includes: independent contractor & employment agreements, vetting strategic partners, developing operational procedures to evaluate licensee and vendor performance

IP Services Provided with Integrity & Professionalism